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Turning imagination into Reality

Nezfer Special Effects - Practical and physical special effects for the movie industry. We pride ourselves in creating realistic effects with the scope of the story, the size of your frame and within budget. Have a look through these sections to see examples of what we do and what we can do. We enjoy a challenge.

Breakaway & Props

Soft wood, tools and bodyparts, safety elements, crash glass, etc​.


Fire, smoke, gunfire, etc.

All types of explosions.


All types of bullet hits etc.


Rain, snow, wind, fog, etc.


6 and 3 DOF

- we move your dreams -

Custom Rigs

Custom made rigs built for your claims.​

Mobile stages and platforms, flying rig.

Remote driven cars

Top and front rider, completely controlled cars for a safe action.

SFX pre-visualisation

Pre-visualisation of complicated sequences, situations and simulation of movements - to know in advance what we want.

Contact us for rental and sales equipment.

Film Vehicles

Film vehicles which can be adjusted to fit certain time periods and nations.

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